We believe in
growing people.

In giving our clients the perfect slept in, turned up, or sexed out cut and color. In leading the next generation of stylists with not only an ever-evolving arsenal of techniques, but in building their skills every day to develop the thing that makes good, great. Their gut intuition. Their confidence to embrace experimentation backed by education.

It’s no coincidence that our stylists are at the cutting edge in the latest trends and techniques.

We don’t just enlist outside experts to share their knowledge. Instead, we view every session, every day, and every interaction as an opportunity to learn and grow. We pride ourselves on having the best-trained, tuned-in stylists in the industry.


Hurst has been in the beauty industry for nearly 15 years and has been a salon owner for the last 10 years.

During that time he has grown VolumeONE Salon from a small two chair shop into a community staple hosting nearly 30 employees and 14 chairs.

Hurst believes in growing people through a culture rooted in education. He is a passionate hairstylist, as well as an educator and respected businessman. He enjoys crafted haircuts — both long and short — utilizing all the tools, and curating a one of kind experience for each client.

At the fringe of fashion and function

We pride ourselves on growing the most technical-meets-experimental stylists in the area. Whether an apprentice or an experienced stylist, we are continuously on the lookout for fresh talent to grow their skills – and our team. If you’re interested in becoming part of the VolumeONE family, contact